Werelddansfestival Schagen
Nog -443 dagen

Paticipation Rules

Welcome to our World Dancefestival Schagen.

Our festival will be held from 10 july 2017 – 16 july 2017. The festival is full this year!!!

Groups who are interested in participating in our festival can contact us through our application form.

Our aim is to have amateur folkloric dance groups with a high artistic value participate in our festival, however, we also keep in mind the variety of countries that present themselves.

We organize our festival every two years, the uneven years. And every festival we have more groups that want to participate than we can accomodate.
Our capacity is a maximum of five international groups and one national group. Our selection is based on the information and reputation of the group. Being a member of IOV or  CIOFF is an advantage.

Therefore the information provided by the group is very important. By this we mean history and background of the group, the programme, recent photos and/or video/DVD, and a list of festivals were the group has already performed.

Download here the ApplicationForm and send this to by email
Filling in this applicationform is no certainty for being invited to participate in our festival.


The World Dancefestival Schagen is organized by the SIFF (Stichting Internationaal Folkloristisch Festival Schagen). Siff is a member of the IOV and CIOFF. These memberships can be seen as quality labels for our festival. Therefore participating groups must agree with our participation rules.


1. SIFF SIFF is member of the IOV and respects and follows the rules of this folklore organisation.
2. Festival
Every two years SIFF organizes an international Folkloristic Dance Festival.
1 In the first week of July; from Monday  till Sunday
2. In a sports hall, in homes for the elderly and in the open air
3. Day of arrival: Monday or Thursday; day of departure: Sunday 12.00 o’clock
3. Participants Folklore groups from all over the world can participate in the festival: maximum of 6 groups.
4. Groupsize
A participating folklore group should have 25-30 members (inclusive musicians, leaders, drivers etc). Minimum age 16.
1. All members must have a task in the participation or in the shows of the group ‘Tourists’ (members who have nothing to do with the shows) will not have acces,
2. The group has to dance to ‘live music’ (musicians); recorded music is not allowed.
5. Performance Guidance 1.The performances are in a sports hall, in the open air in the centre of the city and in other places.
2.Each group will be accompanied by two persons, who will be their guides during the festival.
6. Lodgings 1.The members of the group will stay with host families in Schagen and surroundings or school.
2. Room mates stay with 1 host family. The groups are responsible for making pairs between the participants.
3. A host family is not a hotel. The room mates are considered to be members of the family and therefore respect the rules of house.
4. Host families are not being paid for their hospitality by SIVO or any organization.
5. It is possible that the group must stay in a school. We have beds for the group. Members of the group have to take care of their own  blankets.
7. Costs 1. The costs of transport to and from Schagen are for the group’s own account.
2. All the costs in Holland in relation to the festival are on the account of SIFF: transport, lodgings, meals, drinks, excursions, etc.
8. Insurance Groups have to be insured against all normal risks of life: illness, hospitalization, accidents, damages, third part risks, urgent home travel. SIFF can take no responsibility for these risks and for their financial and/or other consequences.
9. Risks Groups participate at their own risks. SIFF will take all the measures necessary to avoid risks for the participants, the workers and the audience.
10. Politics/ Religion SIFF respects any opinion concerning religion and politics, but does not allow religious or political activities from anyone in the dance area (the parcours).
11. Damages Any activity either from anyone or from any group, that could damage the festival, is not allowed..
12. Tourists ‘Tourists’ in the group will not be accepted by SIFF; they will have to take care of their own lodgings, meals, etc. SIFF is not responsible at all for these people.


Interested groups can use our application form. We will contact you within one month.